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Welcome, gorgeous


*Do you see me there? I’m waiting for you, cocktail with the little umbrella in hand

I’ll guide you through the choppy waters of broken hearts to the white sandy beaches of life AFTER your heartbreak

Say hi to your breakup bestie 

I know that the wonderful life you pictured with your ex has gone up in smoke, and you’re wondering if you’ll ever find love again. 

I’ve been there before too. I was on a first-name basis with all those terrible emotions you’re experiencing right now.

But I want to remind you that you are 100% enough, 100% lovable and 100% worthy.
There’s nothing wrong, and everything right with you.

*Spoiler alert: You WILL. Although having almost everyone tell you, “Breakups are THE WORST” doesn’t help. Thanks, guys.

Checking your ex’s social media - because “self-torture” is your new middle name? 
On your way out to do yoga where you’ll spend Svanasana ruminating over the fact that their new girlfriend is smarter/sexier/funnier than you?
Believing that your Saga Cruise years will just be you, alone, throwing bread at birds?
Wondering how you’ll EVER lift yourself out of this post-breakup rut and find the light at the end of the tunnel? *

Hands up if you’ve been: 


Before I was an expert on surviving breakups, I was right where you are now, clawing my way out of the rubble of a broken heart.

Did I beat the tears? You bet. I also found love again. That’s why I know you can, too. 

I’m here to help you mend your broken heart, stop thinking about your ex, and bring joy and laughter back into your big, beautiful life. 

(Side effects may include: Wowing your friends and making your ex crazy-jealous that you’ve moved on so quickly.)

I’m a heart-centred entrepreneur, animal-adoring prosecco fan, and your Heartbreak Coach

Hi, I’m Megan. 

Here's my story

A few years ago, I put myself out there and took a chance on love. And I found it - quickly. I fell in love with a man who I thought would be my forever. The relationship lasted nearly two years, and it was the first time I’d talked about a future with someone in a real, tangible way. 
But while I’d been busy planning our future, he’d been planning his exit. Worst of all - though he swore he never cheated - he started seeing someone IMMEDIATELY afterwards. (Yes, I kept an eye on his social media for longer than I should have.) 

The rate at which my self-esteem plummeted was matched by how frequently I checked my phone. Sooner or later, he’d call, right? Even if he didn’t want to get back together, he had to miss me a little? 

Advice came from friends, colleagues, the guy who saw me crying on the tube, who said, “Plenty more fish in the sea, dear.” Their well-meaning advice was as clichéd as it was unhelpful.  

What tormented me most was the lack of closure. “I don’t want to be with you anymore,” didn’t make enough sense to suddenly throw away two years.  

Frenzied use of dating apps as a distraction 
Felt sorry for myself and gained 10lbs 
Independent-woman, juice-fasting phase (and lost 10lbs)
Held onto his jumper, hoping he’d return for it - and me
Sobbed at random times in public places

I went through the classic phases of a breakup: 

I was devastated.

But while I’d been busy planning our future, he’d been planning his exit. Worst of all - though he swore he never cheated - he started seeing someone IMMEDIATELY afterwards. (Yes, I kept an eye on his social media for longer than I should have.) 

One day, I woke up in my granny knickers with a sweet wrapper stuck to my face and said to myself, “I cannot go on like this!”

It was time to write myself a big old reality check. I deserved better.

I just needed to know how.


I repressed my feelings and carried on, showing up to work wearing my ‘I’m fine’ face. Turns out, that approach doesn’t work if you’re still thinking the same rubbish thoughts and falling apart on the inside. They say things get easier with time, but what they don’t tell you is this: 

It took work to rebuild my new life, one brick at a time. But before I knew it, something miraculous happened. I smiled again. And then I laughed again! 

Gone were the days of feeling like a big, fat loser after eating an entire tub of Chunky Monkey. 

Gone were the bouts of anxiety over running into him when I wasn’t wearing any makeup.

Gone were the days of drowning my sorrows in wine and spending girls’ nights boring everyone with my sad stories.

I clicked my red-soled heels together three times and finally understood that the power to decide what kind of life I was going to lead was always mine. It never depended on him. 


And I knew I’d found my purpose: To effect positive change for women coping with all levels of heartbreak, worldwide

I certified as a Life Coach through the Beautiful You Coaching Academy (recognised by the International Coaching Federation). I became one of the UK’s first accredited Breakup and Divorce Coaches, and a Practitioner of Neuro-Linguistic Programming. I’m currently under the personal mentorship of Sara Davison, one of the UK’s most sought-after authorities on breakup and divorce. 

After seeing my transformation, friends started asking for relationship advice. My suggestions were working for them too!

I noticed how fired up I felt from helping.

Deep down, you know that you deserve better too

Let’s show this breakup who’s boss

I believe in the combined powers of world-class coaching, a healthy dose of butt-kicking, and empowering the *F* out of you.

But most of all? I believe in YOU. 

A love of helping women who want to feel secure, safe, and happy but secretly question if they’re worthy 

Being a best friend with a shoulder to cry on when it seems like everyone else has turned away

Being a big sister who’ll give you unwavering support, unconditional empathy and fierce love you need

I’ve sat (virtual) shoulder to shoulder with women who’ve kissed goodbye to relationships that no longer served them and stepped into their dream lives. It’s the perfect intersection of my skills:

I get you because I was you

Besides being the CEO of my business, I’m also our CHO (Chief Holiday Officer).

I’m planning our next holiday. 

when i'm not coaching: 

If someone wants to be with you, it’ll be clear. If you have to look for clues, it’s time to move on.

Best relationship advice: 

Can’t cook


(aka unofficial psychologist, peacemaker, lawyer, teacher)

A Human Resources Specialist 


Strong, independent women

Biggest inspiration: 

Cancer. I’m deeply sentimental. I feel all the big feels



Girlfriend of: 

(insert obvious look here)



(insert obvious look here)


Drink order:

Latte with two sugars

coffee order:




Wanna go there? 

The future that’s waiting for you is way more amazing than the one you thought you’d share with your ex

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